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American Tactical Systems provides Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun training courses and individual instruction for all levels of shooters.

We opened our doors at American Tactical Systems in 2015 with the goal of being the premiere firearms training facility in New York State. Located in Albany NY we offer some of the most popular firearm training courses such as NYS Pistol Permit, Concealed Carry, Defensive Pistol Training and much more taught by the best of the best in the Capital Region. We looked no further than our own backyard and brought in one of the best in the business, Mike Givney, to help us achieve this goal. Mike is a retired Troy, NY Police Officer with over 20 years of Law Enforcement experience, with 17 years as a SWAT Entry Element Team Leader. Mike’s training resume, numerous accolades, and impressive list of certifications, along with his real life experience rival that of any tactical officer in the country. In addition to over 400 callouts on the SWAT Team, Mike has trained with the National Tactical Officers Association, LAPD SWAT, and Special Operations from the U.S. Navy, Army, and Marine Corps. He combed his training and life experience with his unique ability to transfer knowledge to others and co-founded the North East SWAT Training School. Mike meticulously designed the Training Program at American Tactical Systems from the ground up. He handcrafted the ATS curriculum to educate the civilian shooter in how and why these fundamentals, techniques, and tactics work with safety at the forefront of every program. Not only does the curriculum taught at ATS align with the one taught within the Law Enforcement profession, it goes beyond.

American Tactical Systems Customized Courses

At ATS, we have the ability to focus on the individual and customize instruction based on their equipment, abilities, and physical limitations. Since Mike Givney’s well deserved retirement in 2017, we have continued to build upon the strong foundation he built. In addition to recruiting new instructors with outstanding pedigrees (our instructors are highly educated with their own personal experience in the Law Enforcement profession, tactical courses, and the Military) we also focus on continuing education and staff development. We don't just preach training; we DO it! We constantly send our instructors out to train with the best trainers in the country to bring back the latest advancements in tactics, techniques, and teaching methods and deliver them to our ATS clients. Recently our instructors have trained with Steve Gilcrest and Scott Reidy from the Sig-Sauer Training Academy, and Travis Haley from Haley Strategic Partners.

Thank You For Stopping By, We Hope To See You Soon

If you or someone you know is interested in learning from Top Tier Trainers who have an extensive list of real-life experience, thousands of hours of training experience, and certifications, American Tactical Systems is the only choice for you. We encourage you to stop by, say hello, and enroll in our custom, hand-crafted small group courses, or explore the individualized training plans we can put together to meet your needs.

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